KSIA represented issues of Baikampady

KSIA representing issues of Baikampady

KSIA President Mr.Gaurav Hegde,Vice President Mr.Ajith Kamath & Past President Mr.Henry.C.F.Britto representing issues of Baikampady Industrial Area,Mangalore on 25.04.2018 at meeting held in Bangalore with Sceretary Industries Department.
The meeting was chaired by MSME Sceretary Rajendra Kataria,presence CEO and CDO of KIADB,MD and Chief Engineer KSSIDC,member secretary KSPCB,represtative of Industrial Commisioner and officials of commerce and Industries.
Matters on SPV,JESCO,Multi-level shed,Plastic Park,Logistics Park,Exhibition & Facilitation center & Sewage treatment were discussed.