The Kanara small industries association was established in the year 1978 with an objective to encourage entrepreneurs in industrial area Baikampady, Mangalore and also to promote the interest of the trade and industry in coastal region of Dakshina Kannada. Today it is one of the only associations in this region to represent all the industries and commerce. The association has over three decades of experience and 500 odd active members contributing significantly to the overall growth and the socio-economic conditions of the region. The members of the association provide employment to around 10,000 people in the Dakshin Kannada region and contribute significantly to the ex-chequer. Baikampady industrial area has over 3,000 units covering manufacture under different sectors like ancillary units, Automobile sector, pharmaceutical, plastic and rubber, engineering industries, Agri process industries etc.

It has played an important role in the overall development of the Baikampady industrial area, training and skill development, interacting with Government departments in suggesting and implementing of various Government Schemes and Projects. It has been a catalyst in implementing several projects under ASIDE SCHEMES by KSSIDC for the industrial area.

President's Message

A key part of entrepreneurial DNA is to lead and not to follow. The KSIA has been in existence for almost half a century now. While the entrepreneurship quality is still very much alive, most of us barring one or two struggle for bare survival. There may be many external reasons but the primary one lies within us and we must strive to make intrinsic changes.
It’s a pleasure to state that industry owners from the Dakshina Kannada region are bringing in about Rs. 1000 crores in export revenue annually, giving employment to more than Ten Thousand people from the lowest strata of society majority being women. The Association has been encouraging and promoting gender sensitivity for the past three decades, a norm that is now gaining momentum with multinationals. The need of the hour is to employ literate young workforce belonging to this region and prevent their migration to other parts of the country in search of employment in the process dislodging the social equilibrium of this region.
Today technology plays a key role in business. The need to innovate is very vital for the business of the future. Changing technology will dislodge existing way of doing business, which are called disruptive business practices. We have to search and look into new technologies that are suitable for each one of us. Business of the future may not be what it was 10 years ago. Lets prepare for the change and change for the better for all the stakeholders. Technology needs capital, borrowing funds may be expensive and may not be economically viable too. We must create a playground for venture capitalists/Angel investors who will nurture our high tech ambitions and making Baikampady into High tech destination of the future.
Your association puts in all its efforts for the formation of BYKAMPADY INDUSTRIAL TOWNSHIP AUTHORITY (BITA), a world class township with excellent and intelligent infrastructure which focuses heavily on social responsibility and environmental sustainability as major areas for business to concentrate on besides achieving economic success. Installation of LED lights is a first step towards this after a long and sustained effort.
Business is the greatest creator of value in the world. Both non-profit organizations and government depend on the prosperity and wealth business creates, as business is the ultimate source of all taxes and donations.
Lets join hands for the greater success.

Kanara Small Industries Association (KSIA) will be the leading voice in government and the industrial community as well as the leading resource for information, education, networking and commercial opportunities for member firms.


. To facilitate industrial growth while balancing socio-economic environment in Dakshina Kannada district.
. Facilitate ongoing networking, communications, and commercial opportunities for the members.
. Provide members with the highest quality, industry-specific, relevant information.
. Ensure the finest infrastructural development and facilities with a futuristic edge.
. Be the most widely accepted resource for knowledge and standards regarding professional business practices
. Promote research, development and production in the field of science and technology